It’s always you against the world.


There are people that stand with you throughout your life, but there will always come a time when you’re alone. When you’re alone, you think. When you think, you realize there is no other way to live life than to learn how to be comfortable with yourself and your purpose in life. I’m in the grueling process of finding my spot in the world. I’m not very good at telling people what they want to hear, but I do like to tell people what I like to be honest about. So if you clicked and found this site by accident or with curiosity, I thank you for reading my creation. It is up to you now whether you want to keep reading or click to leave.

My pen name is Allison Strongcloud. I am twenty years old and I think “adulting” is the new crisis. I think finding a purpose in life and building a life of happiness and satisfaction is hard to find at a young age. I look every day. But unfortunately, life likes to kick my ass and then leave me in a mass of empty soulless days. Life is so short and yet so long and tedious. And everyday, I wonder how I’ll ever be in tune with its time.


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